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Born in Jaffa, Israel.

 Being the daughter of the Rabbi Shneor Zalman Slonim who was born in Hebron, the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Jaffa, Sima was required to conceal her preoccupation with Painting. None the less, she began to take weekend  painting lessons under the artist, Yitzhak Frenkel as well as the painters Litvinovski and Mokedi.

 With the help of her older sister, Menuha, she went on to study Fine Arts in Paris of the mid 30s of the 20th Century. Whilst in Paris, Slonim worked as a nanny for a Jewish family and studied painting at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in the Montparnasse district. Upon returning to Israel in 1938, she settled in Haifa and in the year 1953 she joined the founders of the artist village of Ein Hod.

 Slonim’s Paintings include landscapes, figures as well as abstraction. Her painterly figurative work can be characterized by a virtuosity of line making, whilst her abstract works and depictions of landscapes reflect an internal state-of-mind, a tension between the quiet and the storm.

A synthesized tension between coloristic mark-making and the rhythm of the line, between open shapes and closed ones and between the margins of the picture plain and its center which create a considerable painterly exuberance.


 1934                Studied under the artists, Mokedi, Litvinovski, Frenkel.

1935-6             Académie de la Grande Chaumière

1936-7             Studied Arts Education in London.

                        Apprenticeships in London and Paris.

 Awards and Prizes:

 1942                The Dizengoff Prize courtesy of the Tel-Aviv Municipality.

1950, 1955      The Shetrok Prize, Haifa.

1959                The Angel Prize, Ein Hod.

1962                The Dizengoff Prize courtesy of the Tel-Aviv Municipality.

1983                The Negev Prize, Yeruham.

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