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Born in Hummel, Russia.

 Following his immigration to Israel in the 1930s, Giladi co-founded the Afikim Kibbutz

At the end of his work day in the Kibbutz, Giladi operated as a Painter, with the support from the Painter Haim Attar.

Many of his works include themes which relate to family life in the Kibbutz. He often painted in the company of Mordechai Levanon and Shimshon Holtzmann, whom joined him on excursions to paint the Kineret Lake landscape.

 ” We dipped our brushes in the same paints and painted the same landscape. But, finally, we produced three very different paintings. Mordechai Levanon’s was spiritual, like a prayer to the creator, Shimshon Holtzmann’s was springy, joyous and lighthearted, whereas mine was dark, heavy and dramatic.”

 His oil paintings depict a grass-roots Israeli atmosphere and landscape. Giladi claimed to be painting from an emotional place – an intuitive painter.

 Throughout all of his works, he maintained a leaning towards figurative painting, even when his paintings became more abstract. Abstraction was a means of “Purification from the affliction of day-to-day materialism”. However, the subjects of his paintings where derived from day-to-day life:

human landscape, images of Kibbutz life and representations moments from family life.

 From the 50s, Giladi lived and worked in Kfar Saba and Holon. He was a member of the group “New Horizons” and presented his work in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

 His Paintings appear in the collections of the most distinguished Museums in Israel as well as in the Museum of Modern Art, Miami, U.S.


The Leningrad Art Academy

: Awards and Prizes

 1948,1954                   Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture.

1957                            Brazil Prize awarded to Israel in the Sau Paolo Biennale.

1960                            The Histadrut Labor Federation Prize.

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